Little did I expect that when I left the wine shop that I would find myself in a position that I would crave wines with potentially even more passion than I already had.  I guess having a handy stream of wines coming through the shop, and my being able to try them, satisfied my hunger (or actually better yet - quench) my desire for tasting and drinking wines.  

Now that I am outside, I have this almost unquenchable thirst for all the wines that I research.  Finding myself drawn to wine shops in the area to track down and purchase those unique gems.  I can tell you it was a lot easier when I was in the business as there was almost always a way to see if a particular wine was sold in Illinois, and as such, available through a particular distributor.  Once found, I could request a sampling of that wine to make sure that the research I did was backed up by my own taste buds.

Now on the plus side of all this is that for a number of years I really didn't need to drink much wine from my cellar.  Hey, I had plenty of opportunities to sample and occasionally, be presented with a bottle to enjoy.  Now, with much more time on my hands, I once again found my second love, cooking.  Of course with that gourmet meal comes a, dare I say, need to pair said meal with an appropriate wine.  

This is where I veer of the beaten path (I know I do that a lot) for a moment to tell you about just such a moment recently.  A few days ago I was preparing one of those special meals.  Tenderloin, medium rare, with my version of mashed potatoes and zucchini.  Now that's not terribly difficult to make.  I did want to put some effort into finding a great wine to go with it.  For those that may remember, I told you a while back about my all time favorite wine, or at least my favorite wine at the most perfect time.  That was the 2003 Staglin Cabernet Sauvignon that I had on my birthday 2 years ago.  Magnificent wine to go with a great dinner at a wonderful time of my life (any birthday was wonderful except the one coming up, but I won't digress that much).  Now I knew that I had a 2004 Staglin Cabernet Salus.  That's their slightly more affordable cabernet ($80 versus $150).  So bottle in hand from the cellar, I proceeded to open it up and go through my usual ritual when first opening a bottle.  SSS.  Swirl, Sip, Swallow.  I was transported back two years ago to that wine I had then.  I'm not sure I could have told you the differences between the two, if there even where any.  Dark rich fruit on both the nose and palate, The mouthfeel of smooth yet still present tannins, and finishing long on a slight note of spices.  These are the types of wines a collector yearns for.  

Back to my regular programming....

So now I'm back on the hunt for those somewhat allusive wines that one must search for, and to purchase them.  Okay, here is where it starts hitting me big time.  Not because one might think I only buy expensive wines, I actually love a great wine at a value price (2012 Gordo being one of my recent favorites at $11.99), but that I actually have to buy the wines to try them.  Needless to say, my cellar has started to once again expand.  As you can also guess, by bank account has been going in the opposite direction.  And I'm realizing that it's difficult to halt my pursuit of the great wines out there.  I'm fortunate to have a fair amount of 2013 Napa cabs, but when you love wine as much as I do, one varietal from one location just doesn't do it.  Just finished reading about the 2015 vintage from the Rhone Valley in France.  The good news is that most of the wines won't hit the shelves for another year.    But hit the shelves they will, and as one of my favorite French wines, I know where I'll be when they become available.  It's actually a little worse than that.  Right now I can get the 2015 white Rhone wines.  There isn't a lot of press given these wines, or at least not as much as the reds, but they can be some of the most magnificent wines around.  I've had some before and sold some before.  Rich, lush with just a hint of bright fruit and usually a slight earthiness to round it out, much like a great Chardonnay.  So you can see by how I talk about them, I just have to have them.  Like so many other wines out now and to come.

So many more wines that explode upon tasting and wake your senses, how can I not go out and buy them all? 

So if that last sentence doesn't convince you that I'm a wine addict, I'm not sure what would.  The good news, if there is any, is that like anything we may be addicted to, the knowledge and acceptance of that addiction is always the first step.  From there on forward I may need a little assistance.  That is why I think I'm in need for a serious Intervention.