Oh, Oh Opus

Have I mentioned that I have the best job in the world.  Of course I have....  Why might I being saying this once again?  Well, I'll tell you (did you have any doubt?).

As the title implys, and unless you're a big Richard Dryfuss fan (Mr. Holland's Opus) or maybe someone like Beethoven (too many Opus to mention), then you know I'm taking about the wine, Opus One. 

Why is that being mentioned now?  Well, I'll tell you that, too. 

On Thursday a wine rep came into the shop and told me that we had been allotted a case (only 6 bottles unfortunately) of the 2012 Opus One.  He handed me a booklet containing an acknowledgement letter that I needed to sign to authorize the delivery and a bevy of other single  informational sheets and photos describing the new 2012 wine.  Now I'm not easily impressed, but I have to tell you (okay, you know by now it's coming) that this presentation was ALMOST enough to get me to sign that acknowledgement letter sight unseen.

But to my further excitement, he then proceeds to pull out and OPEN a bottle for me to taste.  How was it you ask?  I'm done telling you that "I'll tell you."  Oops, I just did it again. It was fantastic.  Was it the best I ever tasted?  Close, but I have a tale to tell in the coming month or so to tell you what wine holds that honor for me. 

As another in a long line of gorgeous wines from the 2012 Napa Vintage, this wine did not disappoint.  Even upon opening the wine was showing rich dark fruit and a mouth coating of bracing but not overly done tannins.  Spice culminated unto a long finish that I savored until I had to take another sip.  To just stop everything I was doing and to be able to sit, relax and enjoy the remainder of that bottle would have been so nice.  But alas (do you notice I use that a lot too) that was not to be.  Not that I half expected the rep to leave such a bottle as I'm sure he had others that would be partaking of my similar experience.

You'd think that with an experience such as this, that I would have already had a great week in my wine world.  Not done yet!  

Another rep comes by and brings with her the 2012 (I have no idea what I'm going to do when all the 2012 Napa cabs disappear) Ghost Block Single Vineyard Cabernet.  Since the 2007 vintage (another outstanding year), I have been an avid fan of Ghost Block.  From the Yountville area in Napa, comes this expressive wine of structure and finesse all the while providing a mouth pleasuring amount of fruit and firm tannins leading to another long finish on the wine.  While not the fanfare of the Opus One wine, I would have still been willing to sign an acknowledgement letter for this wine as well.  Not necessary, but an order I did give to the rep.

Two phenomenal wines in one week.  Looking back I can say that I've been privy to similar occurrences but never with the pomp and circumstance that the Opus One had.   With any luck, it won't be near the last time this will happen either.

Now, while I can't promise Opus One at the following event, I can tell you and would be remiss if I didn't mention my upcoming Don's End of Summer Picks Tasting and Sale on September 12, 2015 from 2 to 5 P.M. at the shop.  Wines are picked, the stars should be aligned and all's well in the wine universe.  Once again, a "Not to be Missed" event and to make things even better, the tasting will be followed at 6 P.M. by my favorite local Singer/Songwriter "Dina Bach."  She was with us once before and I'm telling you, see her now before she hits the big time.

I now have to come back down to reality but forever keep in my mind the enjoyment and excitement that I am so fortunate to encounter so often.  But this week....Oh, Oh Opus...