Woman and Wine, Not Necessarily In That Order

I strugled just to decide whether or not I should write this blog.  Afterall, writing about "feelings and relationships" can be filled with landminds.  Please don't read too much into things and I  hope no one gets offened by my "comparisons."  Most things I will say could be intrepreted from either a mans or womans perspective.  Having set the stage, here goes...

Within the last few days, I have been having thoughts about a particular relationship I had as it was the anniversary of both our meeting and our breakup.  Talk about timing..  Since I'm almost always thinking about wine, the two just naturally started to become intertwined.  That made me start looking at how my  choices of wine and women have had similar history and some similarities.  

It's interesting to note that back when I first began drinking wine I was exclusively drinking Sauvignon Blanc, a fact that I've alluded to before.  Almost as interesting was that everytime I would come home and announce I was dating a new potential love interest, the first question my sister would ask is "Is she blonde?"  Why would she ask that?  Because that's pretty much exclusively the hair color of the women I dated back then.  I say back then because I have realized that people are not defined by their hair color.  Right or wrong, similarity number one.  

Much like wine, I have progressed in my thinking about the women I might date.  I say might, because I've been in a dry spell for some time.  Not looking for sympathy or anything, just stating a fact. 

In the years preceding today, I have had a regular advancement in my appreciation for better wine (and as I have said in previous blogs I won't deny being a wine snob) and my appreciation for the opposite sex (I haven't come up with the equivalent descriptor for my appreciation of women).  How does that relate to the comparison betwen wine and women you might ask?  Well, without getting into too many details I will say that I have had the good fotune to have dated, and even married, some very attractive women.  (For the record, I never said that I was good at keeping them).  I have also had the good fotune to have had the opportunity to drink many fine wines.  Thinking about the comparisons betwen the two,  I like a wine with great body (if I have to explain this one to you, you may be having bigger problems than I'm having).  A wine with a little spiciness always enhances the overall experience.  And can you think of anything better than sitting down to a good meal with that favorite bottle of wine next to you ready to make the evening just perfect?  I'm sure with a little more time, and maybe the need to find a locale that I could move to should the reverberations from this blog get me in more trouble, I could expound upon things even more.  Remember too, that just like wine, we all have different tastes, likes and dislikes and what defines each.

Now to be fair, what hapens when that semingly perfect bottle gets opened and you immediately notice something a little "off" about it?  Maybe you can't put your finger on it, but something's not right.  And at this point I want to make sure this is not intended to be only about females, these examples can be focused towards either sex.  So back to the queston, do you keep drinking and see if things get better or do you call it an evening and move on.  Get where I'm  going here?  There's  a bunch of similarities between wine and relationships.

Going back to what started all this, the anniversary thing, I'm still thinking about how great it was and wondering if I'll ever find as good of a botle of wine as I once had  You do get that by bottle, I do mean woman in this case?  Here's where my wine experience comes in very handy.  In all the years I've been doing this (wine that is), I do know that there is ALWAYS another wine as good, if not better than the last.  It's just a matter of time.  And in this case I do mean wine.  One important note here, I'm NOT saying that we should always be looking for that next better bottle (person) once you've found THE ONE. That only applies to wine as far as I'm concerned. I know I might be geting into deep issues here, but my blog!  

As I said earlier, please don't take any of this too seriously.  I'm meaning this to be light hearted fun and something that literally popped into my head and since I was due for another post, this semed to be an interesting topic.  I'll even bet that if you take a sec, you too, can find some similarities in your own circumstance.  

Wine and Women, Not Necessarily In That Order.  See how I changed that from the title???