I Have The Greatest Customers!

I really do have some of the greatest customers out there.  Just the other day I was assisting one of my customers and she was looking for another bottle of the Walter Hansel Cuvee Alyce 2012 Chardonnay.  I had been carrying this item for a short while, but had sold out.  She inquired if there was any more I could obtain.  In checking I found my supplier was sold out of that particular item.  I did spend time in reviewing some of the other Walter Hansel Chardonnays that were available.  To me it looked as though their Cahill Lane might be the closest to what she enjoyed about the Cuvee Alyce.  So I ordered a bottle for her to try and gave her my synopsis of what had happened.  Told her that she should try this new wine and see if she likes it as much as the other.  She thanked me and left the shop.  

Now here's the really great part.  A few days ago, she comes back into the shop and as I was about to ask her what she thought of the wine, when she opens her bag and brings out the Cahill Lane Chard.  At first I  thought maybe something was amiss and looked curiously at her like "woe, what's wrong."  I think I even said something like "what's wrong" but since that was a couple days ago and my memory ain't what it use to be, I might have mumbled something else.  

She announces that since I had gone through all the trouble to research the wines and was able to get her a bottle of what I thought she might like, that she wanted to bring the wine in for us both to try, and as we later learned, enjoyed very very much.  Now I have the ability to try numerous wines, but as I have so many times read and talked about with others, surroundings can mean everything while enjoying a meal, someone's company or in this case a great bottle of wine.  Drinking a bottle of wine while visiting the winery is one of the most frequently used examples of how much better some thought a wine was than after they got home and tried it again.

While I truly enjoyed the wine, it was made so much more enjoyable, and maybe even better, knowing that someone, who I am happy to say I have gotten to know a little better, wanted to share that bottle with me.  What a wonderful experience.  

Now, being we live in a capitalistic society, in all honesty, I did order more of that wine for the shop with the intent to sell it.  But I also know that I can share my experience with others to and, maybe just maybe, make their experience a little more enjoyable as well.  

I really do have the best customers...