To Celebrate or not to Celebrate, that is the question

With all due repeat for Hamlet and Sir William Shakespeare, I got to thinking about how a wine changes depending upon our circumstances.  I had the good fortune to recently visit my daughter in Colorado.  In preparation for my visit I shipped 3 very good bottles (specifics to follow) of wine to her before I got there.  Now I had intended to bring them with us when we went out to eat, but alas, that was not to be as Colorado is not a BYOB state.  Now that is a whole other blog, and I'll leave my questioning why they are that way till later.

Never to be deterred by such a little annoyance, she and I made the decision to just meet in my hotel room before dinner, down one of those great bottles and then head off to dinner.  Here's the interesting part.  When she and I have done this before, in a not so antiquated state as Colorado, we always had a great meal and the wine was superb.  I didn't think that the wine this time would live up to its' potential with us just siting around and drinking from hotel stemware.  

Big suprise!  When my daughter and I started talking and catching up with what's been going on and all the upcoming events, the wine miraculously transformed into this lush, mouthful of excitement and a palate pleasing potion.  Here we are siting in a hotel room, feet up and nothing to eat and yet it was truly a celebration of wine and family.  Just so you know, the first wine before heading out to Morton's that night was a 2007 Lewis Cellars Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.  Rated 95 points by Wine Spectator.  I'm a big fan of Lewis Cellars and am waiting, not so patiently, for the 2012 to be released.  Okay, so the wine thing is out of the way.   Now I'm thinking, was this a fluke or did this opulent wine taste even better due to my circustances or was it just that good.  

The next night took a turn on us and instead of our planned meal we decided to go to an early dinner, because as many of you know I'm at the age when I start eating around 4:30! It probably worked out for the best because the second wine I had sent the 2009 Hidden Ridge 55% Slope Cabernet Sauvignon.   Here's were a pat myself on the back a little bit.  I LOVED that wine.  So much so that that was my go to wine for anyone and everyone that came into the wine shop.  When all was said and done, I learned that our little wine shop sold more of the wine than anyone else in Illinois.  You can see my predicament.  My favorite wine in a hotel room with my daughter.  I'm probably going to think the wine gorgeous no matter what.  Like I said, things changed and we didn't open the Hidden Ridge.  I did the fatherly thing though and left it for her to drink at some other time.  Dinner was fine and I got to meet her all time best friend forever  (BFF for the youngsters out there reading this) along with her mom, yes, that would be my ex-wife, whom I get along with just fine so you know.  Two wines down, one to go.

Sunday morning comes and we go to breakfast but we have a bottle of Champagne to drink after.  Once again, I'm in a little predicament as the Champagne was one of my favorites.  The 2007 Thienot Cuvee Garance Blanc de Rouge.  I found this wine at a tasting and while it was a glorious Champgne, the person it's named after, the wine maker's daughter, Garance, was there, and let's just say I would have bought the Brooklyn Bridge from her if she was selling.  Once again, however, it was like a miracle that in sitting and talking, laughing and drinking, everything was better.  

Now I can't promise that you'll have the same experience I've had, but the one thing that this taught me was to let go and enjoy what you have and experience the moment.  I would likely say that any wine I would have brought would have given us the opportunity to be together and enjoy the moment.  But doing it with some outstanding wines, and I have to mention that my daughter loves big red wines, I have to believe may have added a touch more to the celebration. 

So whether you're celebrating or not, enjoy and savor those special moments of your life and everything will taste better.

I have to finish by saying that while writing this I am drinking the 2014 Greywacke Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, which was recently rated 93 points by Wine Spectator magazine.  Guess what? It made writing this another celebration of memories and great wine to go along.