Great Music, Great Friends and Great Wine

Not to get too philisophical, but I'm not sure you can beat the combination.  I mention this as we just had a great singer/songwriter at the shop.  Dina Bach, at, was so entertaining.  I was so glad that even on a rainy night, we had so many of our customers, aka friends, come out and join us.  I'm not sure that I've ever been to an event like ours where, when a song stopped, just about everyone in the shop clapped.  Even Dina mentioned that that was a rather unusual occurance.  I should note that we even had clapping and hollering midstream a song, but that was due to the final 3 point shot by Rose during game 3 of the Chicago Bulls Playoff game.  I don't think Dina knew what had happened and all I can remember saying was "you now have the floor to yourself."

How wonderful it was to be able to see some of the regular customers and to meet some new ones in the process.  I wish I could have had more time to spend with each and every one.  But duty called and with Lisa, our manager at the shop, we did our best to accommodate everyone.  My biggest problem comes a little with old age, someone asking me for something like water, and then forgetting.  Our forgiving customers just kept reminding me and I eventually got around to it.  Thank you all for your patience.  Now that I think of it, it might not be old age.  I did a waiter job once for a function about 20 years ago and seemed to recall I had the same problem back then.  Whew, close one there!

As for the great wine part of this blog, what can I say.  I know I'm going to be biased as I assist in buying the wines and I think we have some of the best, as well as a great selection of, wines.  Let's leave it at that, because in the end, that determination lies with each of us. 

Now what kind of a wine blog would this be if I didn't include some reference to wine.  So let me tell you that I was already to pop the cork on a new chardonnay we just got in during our Friday night event.  Due to being a little too busy, I didn't get to it.  But after my shift on Saturday, home I went to avail myself of some premade food (once again thanks Whole Foods) and this chardonnay.  I would find it interesting if you've ever heard of the winery, as I hadn't before being introduced to it about a month ago.  From Willamette Valley in Oregon comes Dusky Goose.  Anyone out there heard about it?  When it was first brought to me I had to admit not knowing the winery.  But after trying their Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, I knew that I wanted to bring their wines into the shop to let others enjoy their wines as much as I did.  While the Pinot Noir stands amoung some of the great Oregon Pinots, in my opinon, for this night I chose the Chardonnay.  Forgetting about the food for  a moment, sorry about that Whole Foods,  I poured myself a glass and settled down to relish in the beautiful aromas and the deep rich flavors of this wine.  Just as Oregon Pinots are fashioned a little after Burgundian Pinots, so too, are their Chardonnays.  After all Willamette is on the same latitude as Burgundy so it stands to reason that they should be able to grow similar grapes.  There just isn't as much fanfare about their Chards, but as a devotee of Oregon Chards this is truly a standout.  Rich, lush with a rounded and oh so balanced hint of oak and fruit.  As much as I wanted to drink it all that night, I held off and plan on drinking tonight with a home prepared meal, thank you Betty Crocker.  

Now, if I've peaked everyone's interest in this wine, okay, maybe even only one or two of you, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that as for the Chardonnay, there were only 50 BOTTLES brought into Illinois.   The 2013 being their inaugural vintage.  I snagged a few, and maybe there are a few more to be had.  I'm thinking that I might just have to have more sent to the shop to have on the shelf.  So timing might play into being able to obtain this wine.  I'm stopping my sales pitch now as this blog isn't meant to be a forum to sell wines, but more of a free flow of ideas and my experiences with wine.

Thanks for your time and for the Great Music (Dina), Great Friends (all our customers) and Great Wine (Lisa and myself).