Or Is It??

I was planning on writing a couple articles and then go back and do sort of a prequel thing.  But I decided to just go back a while and start there.  So it's a prequel that's really not.    I find it amazing how my palate has changed over time.  When I started drinking wine, which was way too many years ago, I started with white wine.  Predominately sauvignon blanc.  Couldn't get enough of it.  Like the crispness of it and the refreshing minerally taste.  Drank it almost exclusively.  Then I found chardonnay.  That was before the ABC's (anything but chardonnay).  More rounded fleshy and fuller bodied than sauvignon blanc.  Food called out for this wine, and I made sure I heard the calling.  

Then one day someone offered me a red wine.  What was this strange concoction? I studied it for a moment and decided that I might as well just jump into it, like you do with a cold swimming pool.  No thinking, just pick it up and slug it down if need be.  Wow.  It wasn't half bad, in fact, I can honestly say I was very pleased with it.  Now I'd like to tell you what it was, but after so many years, there's no way I can remember that much information.  But I digress. 

No that I'm firmly ensconced in red wine,  I have made the recent discovery that once again my palate, she is a changin'.  For the longest time when I had, what I thought, was a great red wine, I'm remembering that a, let's call it, noticible fruit presence was always a part of the wine.  About a month ago I was tasting wines from Stewart Cellars, their cabernet sauvignon and the reserve cabernet, what they call Nomad, and noticed something odd.  I found the fines to be, dare I say it, enjoyable.  Yet these wines where so different, not in a bad way, just wines with a little lesser fruit and more, to use the French term, terroir.  Great richness and body, along with a nice balance of dark rich fruit, barely there but gorgeous just the same.  

Since that day, I have been finding my palate has not given way to something different, but an acceptance to once again another type of wine.  

Let me know of your experiences as your palate has changed over time.