About Me

After 15 years in the wine business, I finally decided to share my thoughts and experiences with others.  I have found a great deal of interest among other wine drinkers and thought this might be a way to bring a few more people together. 

For over 12 years I had been employed at a boutique wine shop in Illinois.  I'd been through 3 separate owners.  My running joke is that they have to put me into the contract when they sell the shop.  What they haven't determined is if I fall on the asset or liability side of the income statement.  That's a joke for all you accountants out there.  I also get asked how did I become so knowledgeable.  My answer: "I drink A LOT of wine!"

In the last few years with the shop, I had been actively involved in the purchasing and marketing of wines for the shop.  I grew to have a true passion for wine and a desire to help others to learn or experience wine, whatever their interest might be.

I had recently gotten back into the wine biz as the Wine Steward for Sullivan's Steakhouse in Naperville.  Pretty short stint, but well worth the experience.  Other than actually working for a winery, it's about the only job I hadn't yet tried.  

Additionally, I have taken the title of "Wine Ambassador."  Just a fancy title letting people know that I pour for various wine distributors when they need assistance with wine tastings around the area.  Maybe you've seen me or will?  For those that like the alphabet soup after a person's name, I've taken the CWS designation.  In my case, however, it means "Certified Wine Snob."  Least not you be confused (leave that to me) that refers to the fact that I am very fastidious in my selection of wines, not that I drink only expensive stuff.  I like most expensive stuff, but I love finding that hidden gem at a great price.

This blog is a further enhancement of those same passions in my life.  While I could tell you much more about me and my life, I will choose the appropriate time while writing my blogs.

Thank you all.